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334 Walton Place

​Saanich (Victoria)

 on Vancouver Island
British Columbia, Canada

Two Day Intensive  Workshop With Tina Barnes and The Medicine Horses

January 18 and 19, 2020

An In Depth Exploration Into The Methods and Outcomes of Medicine Horse Interactions

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​The Herd

The herd consists of mares Grandmother Jet, the three sisters Sirius Eclipse, Trinity Red Star and Venus DreamWalker. 

The healing herd is completed by the powerful gelding Wit.

Each horse has specialties and will step forward to work on specific issues.

Their work is completed with the herd working together as 'One'.

Traditional Indigenous Healing

​Medicine Horses have long been revered in Native American Plains Cultures. 

Considered to be few among the many 

they brought gifts of bravery, interdimensional travel, healing and prosperity to the people.

We Are Different

The horses direct the sessions from beginning to completion with as little interference as possible.

​You can read an article written by Tina Barnes explaining the basis of our method here..

​The horses are expert at magnifying the  ElectroMagnetic Field as explained here by

Gregg Braden


Medicine Horse Visits

 Our Medicine Horse Visits last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on what the horses are working on.

Our focus is to address emotional and spiritual aspects of healing and therefore offer continued support post session.

​Read a message from the herd here

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