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 Healing our wounded relationship with Mother Earth through reopening communication with our relatives the animals, plants and all beings.

​People are turning to Equine Assisted Therapies to assist young people heal from depression, suicidal thinking, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and a grab-bag of other labels.

Through conversations with parents of institutionalized and recently deceased teens and young adults, it has become clear that mainstream equine therapies miss the mark on helping these young people.

Their initial draw to be near horses is soon overshadowed by the feelings that these horses express who are used as tools of the industry. Young energy-intelligent clients soon 'take on' the horses’ feelings and can be at risk of spiraling deeper into despair.

Horses being worked in confined spaces such as small paddocks and round pens, with the addition of aids (crops and whips) which are typical of the industry, often exhibit feelings of hopelessness, depression, misery, aggression and fear.

Participants in these activities may become more depressed, more aggressive and experience more feelings of  hopelessness.

These young people are desperate to understand who they are, to realize the gifts they bring, and to experience the deep connection they have to the natural world, especially horses.

Thirteen Moons Farm Medicine Horses offer individual as well as small group experiences for people of all ages to help integrate their divine energetic gifts, often misunderstood and labeled as disorders.

Our herd of Medicine Horses in concert with 'our' eagles offer a profound experience as they illustrate emotional intelligence in a larger than life expression that cannot be denied.


When you experience how energy works as it moves through the horses' systems, along with the guidance of trained facilitators it will become second nature to be able to redirect your own energy toward balance and groundedness, naturally.

Tina Barnes

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We have several highly educated professionals available to witness and consult.

​Sessions begin at $150.00

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