Thirteen Moons Farm has developed deep and valuable friendships along the way.

We'd like to honor those friendships here.

Apprentices Hannah Roland, Stacey Lynch, Jen Shortt and Theresa Ewen assist in the daily care of the Medicine Horses. They are also on hand to make sure our gatherings run smoothly!

MUNULTHAAT (Marylin Olsen-Page), Roslyn Tanner and PEK STKAAYE (Xavier Whitewolf Jack) of Salish Wolf Healing Center can be counted on to pitch in at a moments notice bringing local culture to the work we do. They bring children's groups to the horses as well as women's groups. Their vast knowledge of traditional plants, medicines and ceremony are shared with all who desire to know more.

We will be calling on them often to assist with our TrueHeart Discovery Programs!

Estelle Sinclair is a Pipe Carrier, a Sundancer, a healer who is skilled in the sweat lodge traditions. Estelle often assists in the healing circle through her songs and drumming and never misses an opportunity to visit the horses!