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About MareSpeak

"Horses have been attempting to communicate with people since the beginning of time.

In the earliest of times in every indigenous culture this communication was heard as naturally as were the voices from all creatures.

In our hustle and bustle of today's time we have forgotten how to 'hear' our creatures speaking.

​There are few among us who are willing to take the time to really listen to what the horse is trying to tell us.

Most humans listen for their own words and language to fall from the lips of the horse and when this fails to occur they give up....and so does the horse.

Many people have been taught that we as humans must in some way or other dominate this much larger animal, horse, and have it comply and bend to our will.

We humans bring the horse into our lifestyle and attempt to teach it our language.

Horse after horse comes into our life and we begin again to teach each new horse to listen to our language.

We take an animal that we presume to have a lower intelligence than we do and insist it learn our language.

Does it not make more sense that we as the supposed beings of higher intelligence learn the language of the horse and utilize that language with each and every new horse that comes under our care and control?

We listen to our various coaches, trainers and gurus and we utilize all the latest gimmicks such as whips, spurs, tie downs and more in order to force the horse to comply with our wishes and demands. Eventually, if we are lucky, the horse bends to our will.

It is at this point that the horse switches off his desire to try to communicate with you, his two legged friend, and more often than not retreats to a place inside his mind where you can no longer confuse or hurt him.

Few people can find that place he has gone and even fewer know the way to bring him back.

Sometimes we try various Natural Horsemanship training methods, some of which might seem to be gentler than some other more traditional methods, but in actuality they utilize a very cruel form of psychology. This psychology imitates the very body language of a predator that your horse is hardwired to run from to ensure his survival.

Humans are predators.

Every horse knows this in every fiber of his being.

We fit every criteria that any other predator does.

First and foremost we are meat eaters.

Our eyes are in front and we tend to focus intently on our desires.

Our hands and feet have claws.

When we talk or smile we show our teeth.

Our voices often have a growling quality and trainers will growl at a horse to reprimand it or croon in a low voice thereby reinforcing the role of predator.

Horses learn to comply in order to stay on the good side of the predator in his life.

How can we change the way the horse views us?

Change our intentions.

Change how we think and feel towards the horse.

Through learning to use MareSpeak you can go to that place deep in your horse's mind, connect with him on a level few dream of and if he is one of those 'who has gone away' or 'tuned out' in his mind you can bring him back.

The horse as a species has 'fixed action patterns' which are built in brain based behaviors - always the same in every individual in any species. You might refer to this as 'hard wired instinctual behaviors' in some areas.

Everything else is learned.

The horse is also 'hyper specific' (autism) and like many other animals is afraid of the details in life.

True Natural Horse-Man-Ship utilizes the horse's own language and ability to become One.

True Natural Horse-Man-Ship utilizes Love Truth and Integrity.

Have you ever wondered how horses, fish and birds are able to move independently of one another and then in a split second they are able to meld into a single unit, turning one way or another, stopping on a dime and starting up again just as quickly?

Have you ever wondered where the quarterback is? Who is calling out the directions?

Some people will try to convince you that the flock, school or herd are 'all' watching a leader and react to his or her body language. 

While that can be partly true it cannot possibly account for the rapidity and ease of the movement.

The flock, school or herd can be independent. They can individuate.

They can also become One Mind.

The horse in its current role here on earth as Healer-Teacher would like you to know that they are in your mind, your heart and your soul.

Many say the horse is your mirror.

But he is even more than a mirror.

You cannot fake feelings with a horse.

You might try to pretend or fake confidence and fearlessness, but he will know.

He will help you take a closer look at yourself by magnifying YOU.

If your mind and thoughts are scattered or filled with negativity the horse will simply choose to remain separate from you. He will not, can not, connect with you.

MareSpeak will teach you how to remember your own innate ability to mend your mind and meld your mind with that of the horse.

You will remember how easy this be One.

The horse in its role as Healer-Teacher will help you remember and integrate.

The horse would like you to know that he wants you to Be Truth. Be Love. Be Yourself.

I have yet to meet a horse, or watch a horse with its owner/handler/rider that is not doing exactly what it is being asked to do.

This is true every time without exception.

Most people initially do not like to hear this and like to believe they are aware of what they are asking the horse to do. They feel it is much easier to call the horse names such as stupid or to describe them as an Alpha individual who is pushy and trying to walk all over them.

In fact these horses are always reacting to thought patterns and cues which have been sent or given to them by their handlers.

You might quite honestly think you are asking one thing while in reality, the horse's reality, you are asking quite another and he is complying every time. No exceptions.

The good part is that when humans are shown what it is the horse is reacting or responding to and when they are willing to adjust their 'language' they will heal their relationship.

In using MareSpeak we utilize the language and wisdom specific to the mare.

After years of watching mares with their foals on my breeding farm I became aware that all mares under my care used identical language and movements to calm, invigorate, chastise, teach and lead their foals.

Through mimicry I was able to reach into the minds of the foals and replace the mares as teacher when it came time to further their training for the show ring.

I found that through the use of this language with older horses I was able to connect and bond within minutes!

MareSpeak has helped many extremely troubled horses return to a normal healthy state of being.

Many forms of Natural Horsemanship Training techniques utilize herd dynamics purely from the view point of the herd sire or lead mare.

Few of our domestic horses have been raised in a truly natural herd environment and the use of these dynamics require training at least to the degree of stimulating the hard wired instinctual behaviors. Although this is not a language 'foreign' to the horse it is 'new' nonetheless.

MareSpeak uses body movements along with spoken and unspoken language skills that every single horse on the planet is familiar with and has known since birth.

The very second the horse realizes that its two legged human knows and understands his own native tongue he begins to respond to that language, MareSpeak, in ways unimaginable to most observers.

The horse's eye softens and looks deep into your being with Love. The head comes down and the level of relaxation is profound.

The horse remembers the unconditional love of its mother through you and your new deeper connection has been forged.

A final note. If the method you are currently using involves teaching the horse to react or respond to 'body language' through repetitions, if it involves the use of whips, sticks, driving or dogging techniques...then the language is not his own, but that of a predator."