Thirteen Moons Farm

Home of the Medicine Horses

Experience being fully present in the healing energy field of the Medicine Horses.

Grooming is so much more than a task to be done in order to clean dust and dirt from the horse. Grooming the horse is an act of profound love offered to the horses when we are centered and  grounded before engaging with them in an up close and personal manner.

Conscious Grooming

Energy Healing With and For Horses 

an in depth exploration into the gifts of the Medicine Horses and you.

When we are in a good emotional state we take that with us to the horse which means the horse can relax and not have to 'work' while being lovingly cared for. All volunteers at Thirteen Moons Farm have studied meditation techniques as well as energy redirection techniques that enable and enhance their abilities to know when they are in a good calm emotional state.

Conscious Grooming, is an introduction to some of these techniques and is a prerequisite to all volunteer positions as well as all study modules.

The next course is being offered April 18, 2020

1pm - 4 pm.

Thirteen Moons Farm

Cost is $150.00

PrePayment confirms your space.