Thirteen Moons Farm

Home of the Medicine Horses

This video clip represents a portion of a session wherein the Medicine Horses are transforming energy and bringing themselves back into a grounded balanced state of being.

​Wit, the bay gelding in the center, is surrounded in all four directions. He appears to lose balance as the four mares increase tension and expansion. Note that as the mare on the left moves slightly, creating tension, Wit loses balance.

This particular session was nearing completion at which time the horses returned fully to their 'normal' state.

"MEDICINE HORSES are presenting themselves and making themselves known around the world at this time.
You might ask, "What is a Medicine Horse?"
A Medicine Horse is constantly bringing himself or herself into perfect energetic balance.
No matter who or what enters the energy field of these magnificent healers, no matter how off balance they might be, the Medicine Horse will bring them along into a balanced state as they rebalance and reground themselves. 
They have no agenda. No willfulness. Just a simple desire to remain in balance. They do not judge.
The horses who are presenting themselves as Medicine Horses have an extremely high vibration which they turn up and on while they are working, and although all horses are beautiful creatures there are a select few who are able to maintain themselves in a healthy mental state while they engage in their work.
At Thirteen Moons Farm we are blessed with five Medicine Horses, WIT and JET, SIRIUS ECLIPSE, TRINITY RED STAR, and VENUS DREAMWALKER. We also invoke and enjoy the powerful energies of the late LUC and BLUE STAR KACHINA.
There are many ancient texts along with oral histories that speak of the animals who can heal...and of their return to Earth. In the book The Gift of the Unicorns, the pineal gland in humans is referred to as being activated by these magnificent animals. Many visitors to the Thirteen Moons Medicine Horses can attest to this activation along with countless other shifts and changes in physical, mental and spiritual health.
You can experience this gift from the horses from any distance that is comfortable for you! No need to feel anxious if the physical size and power of the animal seems overwhelming. We have yet to discover in a measurable way the diameter of the encircling healing energy field, but we do know it is bigger than we think! 
More and more the horses are telling us that they came to show us the way to balance and ground...and did not come to continue to do this FOR us.
Tamsah Pen-Tha Kishkikosh Mide ~ Woman Who Walks With Horse Medicine.

A note from Astrologer Melanie Lichtinger

"The Medicine Horse Sisters Trinity Red Star (* 2011), Sirius Eclipse (* 2011)

and Venus Dreamwalker (* 2012) were all born with CHIRON / NEPTUNE in PISCES 

– multi-dimensional Beings who attune us to a lighter vibration of connection, Oneness, flow, and ease, while releasing and letting go what’s ‘sticky’ / ‘heavy’ and transmuting it into Love."