Thirteen Moons Farm

Home of the Medicine Horses

From The Herd ~ June 26, 2013
through Tina Barnes

"The Horse has a message to the people. 
When we say The Horse, we mean those of us who came to show The Way.

The Way is not a method.
It is not a modality.
The Way is a remembering.
The Way is a reconnecting to the wisdom we all as One are.
We are this wisdom.

We have been making giant steps toward the re-connection and the

re-membering, however we feel there is a resistance to the next required leap forward.

We feel the people are trapped in what we refer to as emotional hooks.

Emotional hooks have been used in the past to create a flow of clients and income for the people using us, the horse as the medium.

It is time to cut the barbs on these emotional hooks.

These hooks are no longer needed.

Cut the barbs.

Cut the connections of the neediness of it All.

Step back people and witness the work from a distance, quietly.

Be still and feel the emotional hooks being released.

Watch us.....we will show you.

Listen to us.....we will tell you.

Are you brave enough to leap?

Is your faith strong?

Do you trust yourself?

Are We All One?