Welcome to New Thought Horsemanship.

I am Tina Barnes and I am an intuitive healer and horse woman.

I bring more than five decades of hands on experience with literally hundreds of horses many of which had been labelled 'untrainable' or 'dangerous'.

I understand that students of all ages need to be engaged in their learning through programs that fit their personalities and learning styles. Therefore, I offer a variety of flexible options in course offerings.

The utilization of natural gifts of telepathic communication along with ancient energy techniques (the horses' own method, MareSpeak) lend themselves beautifully to exploring the deepest most profound connections with our equine friends.

The 'method' teaches people what horses already know. Everything is energy. Every thing we do begins with a thought form and until we integrate this fundamental concept into our horsemanship we will be confusing the horse and driving him deeper into himself and away from a connection to us.

Enhance Your Partnership

 New Thought Horsemanship, MareSpeak

We're here for you and your horse's needs

Ship ins are welcome late spring to early fall months.

Sessions  by the hour, Day Clinics, Week Long Clinics.

I am also available to travel to your location to assist you with your horse.

Working Student Apprenticeship Opportunities

Must be over 18 years of age, be physically able and hold a current HCBC membership.

Preference given to those with extensive riding experience.

Thirteen Moons Farm

Home of the Medicine Horses