Equine Harmonic Focal Point Therapy, developed by Tina Barnes more than twenty years ago, is a heart chakra based healing method.

Usually offered in a one day workshop at the farm or on your property.

Suitable for all ages and especially useful to all horse owners.

Modality is universal to all sentient beings.

Cost is dependent on location.

Medicine Horse Identification can be done via a photograph or in person.

Tina is able to access the vibrational coding of the horse and can tell if it carries the imprint or not.

Pedigrees are helpful but not critical.

$100.00 and up dependent on location.

Equine Behavior Modification can be done in person or through a series of online sessions.

Every behavior is governed by an area of the energetic system and as long as a person is willing to attempt to assist their horse improvements will be seen. When you learn how to identify the area out of balance and the reasons why the behavior disappears.

Cost determined by location.

Personal Counseling in the Medicine Horse Energy Field Sessions are one on one often resulting in spontaneous channeling of information specific to the client through Tina as well as the members of the herd. These sessions are known to result in deep understanding of the individual's spiritual path.


Ascension Symptom Counseling assists those who question diagnosis of illness such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, back and shoulder pain, restless leg syndrome among others.

Often these symptoms can be attributed to an ascension process which all humanity is involved with at this time and a basic understanding can help mitigate the severity of the symptoms.

$150.00 per session

Children On the Spectrum are often misunderstood.

Tina Barnes has first hand knowledge and decades of experience assisting those on the spectrum by explaining to parents and teachers why certain behaviors are evident and the benefits the behaviors can have globally.

$150.00 per session

MareSpeak Lessons are especially helpful to those who plan to own and train more than one horse. It is a language that is hard wired in every single horse and one Tina has been developing and using since 1986.

The 'language' is simple and most importantly easily understood by both human and equine.

MareSpeak is taught at the farm , by request, in small compatible groups either weekly or monthly depending on the needs of the group.

Cost is $50.00 - $150.00 per session depending on the group size and are sold in blocks of

5 sessions   

Please email to marespeak@gmail.com to express interest for any of the above listed services. 


  • Equine Harmonic Focal Point Therapy

  • Medicine Horse Identification

  • Equine Behavior Modification Consultation

  • Personal Counseling in the Medicine Horse Energy Field

  • Ascension Symptom Counseling

  • Children on the Spectrum

  • ​MareSpeak Lessons including Herd Watch and Witness

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