Thirteen Moons Farm

Home of the Medicine Horses

This is a short clip of an interview conducted with Cree Elder Dolly Pratt after a session with the Medicine Horses.

Roslyn Jack, Headstart Coordinator for Tseycum First Nation

I am writing this letter in full support of Tina's healing skills, abilities and work for First Nation People.

​I have brought our children, youth, parents, Elders and Staff to Tina's farm for energy healing, emotional healing, intergenerational trauma healing and more.

I have attended many healing sessions with Tina, her apprentices and Medicine Horses with my clients, family and community members.

I believe in her skills and love for our community.

Tina has developed long lasting relationships with our staff, Elders and families with the program.

She has attended many Parenting Programs, Cultural Workshops, Community Luncheons, Meetings and has supported us all during times of mourning.......

Kristen Bill, Tseycum First Nation​

On behalf of Tseycum First Nation we would like to endorse the Thirteen Moons Farm and The Way of The Medicine Horse as a wonderful company to utilize when we are in need of healing support for our membership. Tina Barnes has been a great friend to Tseycum for quite some time and we value this connection, relationship and business with her.

The Way of the Medicine Horse has always shown to be culturally sensitive and aware when being an alternate caregiver we trust while leaving our members to this servicing.

​We thank you in advance for your time in reviewing our heartfelt approval and recognition of The Way of the Medicine Horse and Thirteen Moons Farm.


Jennifer Shelley, DSHM

reflects on her visits to the Medicine Horses as well as her thoughts on The Shamanic Horse and You...

When I was first drawn to see Tina and the Medicine Horses I felt an immediate sense of homecoming.

That was very unexpected but so incredible for me.

I have often wondered where do I belong or where are my people?

As I continued to visit and receive the lessons, I realized that what I was looking for was not outside of me but within me all along. This in itself is so healing and powerful.

I still feel like I am with kindred spirits when I go to the farm but each time I visit I come with a greater connection to myself (and beyond) to share.

This process has not always been easy or comfortable. However, I know that as I continue to practice the skills given through Tina and horses life becomes more joyful.

When I feel dis-ease I know what to do and how to redirect it back to ease.

If you are seeking such tools to heal and empower yourself then come and experience this process for yourself at the farm. The outcome will not only effect you, your family and closest circle of people but also the greater global community. A community that includes all animals, humans and this earth that provides for us.

I now know my place and purpose and am so grateful to Tina and the Medicine Horses for being such a powerful part of my journey "home".

Dr. Anthony Hiebert, Abbotsford, BC

July 30, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I had an interesting discussion with a client.

She told me about a genetic variant in certain horses known as the 'Pocahontas Effect' or 'The Large Heart Gene' where certain horses were born with a heart that was four times the average size.

In the arena of race horses, this genetic anomaly would allow a horse to run faster and farther than a normal horse. The most famous of these was Secretariat.

In the arena of Healing, certain of these horses have been shown to have an innate desire and ability to work with each other, and it turns out, with people.

A lady by the name of Tina Barnes, who has worked with horses all her life, (and is incredibly perceptive I might add) has gathered a number of these horses together, and offers the opportunity for people to come and be 'worked on' by these magnificent creatures.

(As a Chiropractor for the last number of years, I have always known that when people come to see me, the 'space that I hold' for them is coming from my heart. I know what is happening with a person, and can feel when a release has been effective or not, all through heart sensations. This stuff is never taught in Chiropractic school, nor in many of the dozens and dozens of seminars that I have attended. So when I heard that there were horses who did the same thing as I do, I had to go find out what it was all about.)

What Tina offers is an experience that is truly unique in its method and scope. Quite literally, you enter the world of the horses for a time, and they decide when to start and when a session has ended.

After being greeted outside the barn, we were led into a central area with stalls on either side. We were invited to sit down, and chatted with Tina while the horses got a 'feel' for us and decided which of them would want to address us and in what order.

(When I work as a Chiropractor, I am very aware that after a person enters through the door of my office, that it is 'my' space. I can feel a disturbance if someone is 'off' or 'unhappy'. If I am in an adjusting room, and somebody other than the person on the table is treading upon the 'atmosphere' of my adjusting space, I will ask them to leave. I consider the atmosphere of my office to be my responsibility and do not take it lightly when things don't flow.)

As soon as we were sitting in the barn, I knew I had entered the horses' 'space'. Initially the barn was empty, but in short order, the horses began to come in. Within a few minutes the personal work was about to begin.

Having been directed to stand with our arms at our sides and not to touch the horse's face, the door to the first stall was opened, and there stood the first horse. With what seemed a distinctive purpose and intention, the horse went to work. Some of the horses would touch you directly. Some of the horses would stand back and make actions that would dissipate energy you were carrying that they didn't like or wanted to release. Sometimes they would go to one part of your body or another, and sometimes they were right in your face, nostril to nostril.

Every horse had its own feel. I am told that each horse has different gifts to share and that some will address certain conditions and ailments more than other horses. As such, some of the horses were very up close and personal for a fair length of time, while some just stood back as if to say 'move along, nothing to see here'.

After having made the rounds, we were asked to sit again. Apparently the horses kept on doing their work even after the direct work was done. Tina was looking for certain indicators that the session was over.

When it was over, what was apparent to me was a great low frequency vibe. The buzz was so deep, powerful and palpable that I could almost hear it.

A couple of parting thoughts about this group of medicine horses:

​ 1. What Tina has arranged to have happen here is immense, powerful, and cutting edge. Who gets to go to a magnificent, powerful being to be worked on? Let alone a whole group of them?

 2. These horses are good at what they do. They understand what they are here for and have chosen to do it. It is a privilege to have experienced them working.

3. Although I haven't written about the changes people have experienced from seeing this group of horses, I have no doubt that they are profound. I would encourage anyone who reads this and resonates with what I have written to make the effort to get to Victoria, BC and see Tina and her special group of horses.

Healing Through The Power Of The Heart
By Kathrin Raczek

"The Medicine Horses hold such a high and strong vibration that they can work with a large group like us without getting out of balance"

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